Hi, I'm Danielle.  Welcome to Plantidote Foods.



To really know Plantidote is to know Cheryl, my mother in law and first experience with the healing power of food.

Cheryl was an incredible hostess and cook. From her smile, to the linens she used on the table, to her perfect preparation Chicken Marbella on any ordinary Tuesday - she was happiest in the kitchen (with a big glass of Decoy Cab). About 5-6 years ago she got sick, and I stayed back from work in order to cook for her - being Jews and Italians - this was the way to show you really care! We did a 100% plant-based diet, and created a ritual around food. After about two straight months round the clock of green juices, soups from Organic Pharmer and other well-thought out, nutrient dense preparations, the results brought hope. My husband would have her walking a few laps each day and we noticed her gait improved tremendously. Her doctors agreed she was strong enough to receive treatments. Literally, the only thing we changed was food and perception of it.


Which brings me to today...

What that experience really taught me, is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

In 2019, my husband and I went plant based, just to try it out, see if we felt less inflammation and overall, better. I concocted this recipe, which today is a plant-based patty and my company, Plantidote Foods. The lentil based patties have just 10 ingredients, all that you can see, pronounce and understand. What really drives me insane in the "health" food world is that 99.999% of food that's marketed as plant based, vegan or healthy is filled with absolute garbage. Things we are totally sure aren't good for you, but improve taste.


Which brings me to you...

Our patties are geared toward people who know good food, and are truly interested in plant-based eating for health, longevity, to thrive.

Not a mock-meat, we choose to highlight & brighten the natural textures and flavors of plant-based staples with techniques learned from some of the best chefs in the world.  I think we'd agree, your body can’t use what it can’t understand, so we never add fillers, non-nutritious starches, gums or protein isolates you’ll find in most every meatless option at the market.  Think of our patties and grounds as so much more than a burger you stick in a sandwich. It's your center of the plate protein source when you're craving variety and something that makes you feel SO GOOD and ready to rock after. Legit good mood food.


Can't wait to meet you in the kitchen. ❤️🌱