Plant-based. Real Whole Foods.

You check out the back panel of plant-based options like a hawk.  It’s time you were happily surprised. 

Do you ever ask yourself...

Why can’t I understand half the ingredients on so-called “healthy” convenience foods?

Why is industry making modified soy taste like meat when you can eat unadulterated beans from the earth and make them taste way better?

We did too.

We make small batch, whole food plant based patties and grounds without any byproducts, perservatives or starch fillers.

We think it should be easier to eat delicious vegan meals, that isn't "frankenfood," and instead is whole food and filled with protein.

The world finally has an antidote to fake food fillers, one that is super satisfying. With 8 minutes cook time, its especially satisfying for the cook!


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The Real Whole Foods

Red lentil based = versatile & high protein (10g+ of protein)

Our cooking processes make whole food even more delicious, & easy to digest.

Patties are grillable, without added starches.

Flash-freezing is our method of preservation.

Hi, I'm Danielle.

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She says 10 ingredients and she means it!!  I don't know how they keep their patties together without starches but its amazing and they do it."

Ursula L.

.I made the patties with some salad and roasted potatoes yesterday... my husband keeps telling me how good dinner was last night and I kind of feel bad because it only took me 10 minutes.


"I have to admit, I had low expectations, but I'm a total convert!"

Leon (and PS, this is our favorite kind of review :))